Happy Bunny is a cute little rabbit who has a sarcastic wit that tweens just love. Although occasionally Happy Bunny goes a little too far, most of his sayings are harmless fun and appeal to the humor of adolescent girls. If you are thinking of redecorating your daughter’s bedroom to reflect her age and change in tastes, why not give her a Happy Bunny themed bedroom that she will just love and be the envy of her friends? Read this article for tips and suggestions on how to transform your daughter’s bedroom into a Happy Bunny oasis.
Decorate Girl’s Bedroom In A Happy Bunny Theme: Paint. If you have not redecorated your daughter’s bedroom in a few years, chances are a fresh coat of paint is in order. White is always a good choice as it looks fresh and clean and goes with any decor. However, to warm up your daughter’s room and keep with the Happy Bunny theme, consider a pretty pink or rose color. Any shade of pink will grow with your daughter and reduce the probability that you will need to paint again in a year when your daughter moves on from Happy Bunny and her interests go in a different direction. A bright and bold turquoise color will go wonderfully with the Happy Bunny decor and make her bedroom look very attractive no matter what the size of the room is. Before beginning your Happy Bunny redecorating project and breaking open the paint cans, clean the walls thoroughly and apply Spackle where needed to fill in any holes.

Decorate Girl’s Bedroom In A Happy Bunny Theme: Bedding. Happy Bunny is all about fun so your daughter’s bedding should reflect that mood and be bright and colorful. Purchase a bright and bold solid colored bedding set in purple, yellow or pink and accent the bed with fun patterned pillows in stripes or polka dots. After making up her bed each day, your daughter can arrange her favorite Happy Bunny stuffed animals on top to welcome her home after a day at school.
Decorate Girl’s Bedroom In A Happy Bunny Theme: Happy Bunny Accessories. Happy Bunny is such a popular character that it is relatively easy to find bedroom accessories to pull together the room while providing your daughter with everything she needs to keep her room neat and organized. Visit Kmart, Walmart, Target and Five Below for Happy Bunny wastebaskets, storage containers, wooden dinnerware sets, and desk accessories. Fill her pencil holder with Happy Bunny pencils and arrange several Happy Bunny notebooks on the top of her desk for poems, lists and stories. Buy several Happy Bunny tin lunch boxes to keep miscellaneous items safe and out of the way. Hang her Happy Bunny backpack on the doorknob of the closet and designate it as her place to keep art supplies, small stuffed animals and electronics.

Decorate Girl’s Bedroom In A Happy Bunny Theme: Wall Decor. Buy several large Happy Bunny posters and place them in poster frames to hang on the walls. Several tin Happy Bunny license plates can be arranged and hung vertically over the bed. Decorate your daughter’s bulletin board with Happy Bunny stickers around the frame. Attach several hooks on the walls and hang your daughter’s favorite Happy Bunny tee shirts on them with colorful plastic hangers to keep her favorite apparel within easy reach and create unique room decor. Several of her tee shirts can also be stretched and trimmed to fit into large picture frames to be hung on the walls.

With some creativity and relatively low cost in a redecorating project, you can give your daughter a Happy Bunny bedroom that she will be thrilled to call her own.