Friends play a pivotal role in all our lives. Friendship is one thing that goes ageless. No matter how old we become, we never stop making friends. Regardless of what we are going through, we always have friends to give us a warm hug and share both our joy and sorrow. A good friend can also get into the shoes of a family member. Friends spread warmth, and they make us feel comfortable. They will be able to empathise you and take care of your needs. It is one relationship that doesn’t come with any expectations. If you have a best friend who simply fits into all that we said, then he or she deserves a special gift, and here we are listing the top 10 DIY things that you can gift a friend.


DIY Gifts

  1. Scrapbook is the best DIY gift which you can give your best friend. It’s because you will have many memories with your best friend. You can help your friend recollect all the memories when they are written on a scrapbook.

  2. Happy Jar is another best DIY gift for a friend. It is one of the best ways to tell your best friend that you know everything about him or her and that you can always make them happy no matter how low they feel. Write great things on colour chits. Fold them all and drop that into a jar. Make sure that the things you write should draw a smile on their face.

  3. A handmade greeting is again one of the best gifts that will make a friend feel special and wanted. A friend is someone who deserves to know why we love our him/her, and a greeting card is the best way to express that.

  4. Bucket list is the list which tells our friend what we want to do together and where we want to go together. It is also one gift which tells how important a friend is and we are nothing without our best friend.

  5. Photo collage which includes the pictures of the two of you together will definitely make your friend feel great. It reminds you of the memories you people had together. It also states that we are expecting more and more such memories in the future as well.

  6. A pillow with a message written on it is a gift that your friend can treasure for life. It is also one of the sweetest gestures that symbolise immense love and care for the other person

  7. Decorating a room of a best friend without any clue to surprise is the best DIY gift. To decorate we use colourful stuff like balloons, colour papers, hangings, toys, gifts and many more. It will resemble our life together with many colourful and cheerful moments. It can also change the mood of a friend if a friend is sad about something.

  8. An empty handmade photo frame to treasure the pictures you both had together.

  9. A handmade keychain which your friend can always carry and remember that you are there all the time.

  10. A letter written with the words from the bottom of your heart to convey what you think and what we want to share is one of the best DIY gifts we give to our best friend.